Graham Henley son of local retired fisherman Archie Henley (last boy to live on St Helen’s Fort!) runs Best Dressed Crab, he also retired from fishing along with his father and the family fishing boat “My Way” was sold to Bob Simmonds. Graham took over his sister’s ‘Best Dressed Crab business and moved it to a floating barge on the edge of Bembridge Harbour. Best Dressed Crab is provided with seafood by the local fishermen and Graham’s guys now ‘pick’ a quarter of ton of crab a day providing many of the restaurants and shops. The seafood is also sold to the public in their shop and with such demand to ‘taste’ the food, Graham has opened his seafood café – with glass frontage and outside tables there is a wonderful view across the harbour and in winter a log burner gives the inside tables a cosy feel! – Come and try ?

Local fishermen will be arriving and departing on the tide with their catches

If you ‘want to catch your own’ Cachalot Charters offers trips out.

Bembridge Angling Club is an active fishing club, with all those fishermen’s tales do come and hear some